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immigration is in our DNA

The world works better when we work together. Think Global. Work Global. Hire Global.


Our Philosophy


People. Paperwork. Process. Predictability.

We believe immigration is essential to driving business forward, and that talented people with great ideas are your passport to growth. So we put in place customized business immigration solutions that match the best people from around the world with the paperwork they need to make a difference for your company.


One Size Does Not Fit All

Tailor-Made Immigration Programs
With every engagement we take on, we build a customized immigration program, designed to provide strategic legal thinking for companies that rely on foreign national talent. Whether you are a start up, a multinational, or plan on becoming one, TSM can craft a unique immigration program that can put in place the qualified people you need.



Confidence During a Complex Process

Worry-Free Approach
When it comes to business immigration nothing is simple. The process is opaque, the requirements exacting. We aim to demystify the immigration process with a step-by-by approach that provides visibility, predictability, and the confidence you need to make smart hiring decisions and staff your organization with certainty.



Size Matters

A Personal Approach to Immigration Matters
TSM is a boutique business immigration law firm with office in San Francisco, Los Angles, San Diego and London. We have the capacity, experience, systems, and savvy to handle the most complex immigration requests efficiently, while maintaining concierge-quality service that ensures individual attention to your immigration matters.



We're More Than Visa Processors

Strategic Thinking with People in Mind
At TSM we hire attorneys who are out of the box thinkers, not paper pushers. As a result, our clients trust us to provide strategic legal advice for their business, and for the foreign nationals they employ. At the end of the day we know there’s a person, a family, a company, and a community that benefits from what we do. 



Focused on Talent

Extend Your Reach
No matter where you find them around the world, your business must compete for the best people, with the brightest ideas. 



From intake to approval,
our product is confidence




Clear communications.
Custom immigration programs.
Concierge-level service.