Employment Visas



Taking all relevant facts and criteria into consideration, we will assess each case to determine the most advantageous employment visa strategy for your employees and ensure that potential issues can be addressed in advance. Following the assessment, we will manage the entire immigration process for you and our proactive and precise communication that never leave you or your employees in doubt about the steps in the process, timelines, document requirements, or the status of any pending cases. With TSM’s global reach, we will guide and assist your employees with all pre- and post-arrival steps in the immigration process, regardless of whether these must be completed in the home country (i.e. entry visa applications, etc.), host country (i.e. filing of work or residence permit applications, registrations, etc.) or third countries (i.e. document procurement, etc.). TSM also tracks all employment visa expiry dates in our immigration case management system to ensure that the renewal process can be initiated at the appropriate time. 


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