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As U.S. businesses come to rely on foreign national workers, establishing a corporate immigration policy is more critical than ever. All too often, employers and their HR teams are not prepared for the array of issues that can arise as a result of immigration.  TSM can develop a well-rounded immigration policy so your foreign national workers know what to expect from day one, including the range of immigration-related benefits covered such as immigration application fees, travel expenses for visa stamping, and support for the application of a green card. 


Our policies educate employees on their rights and their responsibilities regarding immigration compliance requirements and areas where the company and/or the employee could be subject to liability in the event of a violation. More importantly, these policies can remove the burden on HR and management of re-reviewing common issues and allow for more consistent application. In addition, if your company uses the services of contractors/staffing agencies placing foreign national employees on your site, TSM can assist with establishing protocols to ensure compliance to the extent that the end-user client may be held responsible for potential violations. 

In addition we can provide evidentiary support to demonstrate the company’s good faith efforts to comply with immigration laws and regulation in case of a government audit or other investigation.

Instead of focusing on the need to establish immigration policies following a triggering event such as employee complaints, government investigations, or the like, our goal at TSM is proactively implementing an overall corporate culture of compliance, transparency and good-faith exchange of information between employees, HR, and management teams.

In the unfortunate instance that a triggering event has already occurred for your company, TSM offers prompt and client-centric service that will ensure the policy your business requires is put into place as quickly as possible to avoid future employee relations and/or compliance issues.


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