Global Immigration

To compete successfully in the global business world, your company needs a smart, comprehensive, and flexible immigration program. TSM is your strategic partner to build a customized world-class global immigration program supporting your company’s vision and employees in over 120 countries. We can help meet your needs to acquire the best talent, wherever and whenever it is needed. When your employees and business require seamless and cutting-edge immigration support for ongoing training, local hires, international assignments, or growing new markets around the world, TSM can help you get the right person to the right place.


Business Visas

Business travel is critical to all business operating internationally. Whether the purpose of travel is visiting customers or colleagues at a branch office overseas, TSM can help you turn the challenge of obtaining a business visa for your employees into an opportunity to grow your business. 


Employment Visas

TSM helps your employees obtain the necessary short-term and long-term employment visas at the speed of business. 



Passports are at the core of all international business travel and visa applications. Your employees could be denied boarding if their passports are not valid for the required minimum period or consular officers may refuse to accept a visa application if a passport does not have the required number of blank visa pages. 


Permanent Residence

Applying for Permanent Residence can have significant benefits for your employees. Employment visas are temporary in nature and restrict the duration that your employees can work in the host country. Countries can place limits on the total number of years for which employees may receive employment visas. 

Besides offering ability to remain in the host country on a long-term or indefinite basis, permanent resident status may also offer other, non-immigration related advantages, including more favorable terms for mortgages, etc. TSM has extensive experience advising companies and employees on permanent residency options, eligibility requirements, timelines and document requirements. Once permanent resident status has been obtained, TSM also works with your employees to ensure that they are aware of the steps that need to be taken (or avoided) to maintain their permanent resident status.



Acquiring the citizenship of another country through naturalization is a significant step. Along with the right to vote and further integration to the local community, citizenship may also potentially facilitate the ability to travel and work internationally (i.e. based on regional treaties or bilateral agreements, etc.). 

Before your employees apply for citizenship, we will assess whether they meet the criteria to apply for and to become a naturalized citizen. Additionally, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the implications of acquisition of another citizenship, specifically surrounding dual citizenship and possible renunciation requirements. If employees are required to surrender their “old” citizenship, we will also advise employees about visa requirements/strategies if they intended to travel to or reside in the country of their former citizenship. 


Document Authentications

To be accepted by the authorities in another country as part of the immigration process, official documents often must be authenticated first to be given legal force.  


Document procurement

The immigration process requires extensive documentation and in many cases your employees may not have all required documents readily available. It may also not be easy for your employees to obtain the missing personal documents. The experienced TSM team can assist and support your employees in this area to ensure that their burden during the immigration process is minimized to any extent possible. Whether it is necessary to obtain new certified vital records, court documents, police clearances (local or national), duplicate diplomas, university transcripts or degree verifications, TSM can assist you and your employees with obtaining these documents to ensure that the immigration process is not delayed.


Advisory Services

At TSM, we see our role as your company’s trusted advisor and strategic partner, not just a visa processor. We therefore place great emphasis on providing a full suite of advisory services as an added benefit to your global immigration program. 


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