Joseph J. (“JJ”) Shepherd 

JJ previously served as a Member of the AILA ACES (Athletics, Culture, Entertainment, and Science) Committee as a Member of the AILA LGBT Immigration Issues Working Group as a Department of State Liaison for AILA So. Cal. (as a USCIS District 23 Liaison for AILA So. Cal. a Congressional Advocacy Liaison for AILA So. Cal. and as a Founding Member of the LGBT Committee for AILA So. Cal.

JJ has authored numerous articles published by AILA and Bender's Immigration Bulletin, including AILA publications as Immigration Options for Artists & Entertainers, 2nd Ed. and the Inside Immigration Monograph Series. JJ is licensed in Massachusetts and practices immigration and nationality law exclusively. 

JJ received his Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Economics from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, and his Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in Brooklyn, New York.  In his free time he enjoys travelling the world, skiing, sailing, and playing dodgeball.