Pro Bono: The America Dream Comes True

Protecting vulnerable men, women and children is a shared core value at TSM—and one of our highest priorities as lawyers.

While we focus most of our day-to-day efforts on global and domestic business immigration matters, we regularly team up with likeminded community and immigration advocacy organizations to ensure that those most underserved and vulnerable have access to the highest quality legal representation.

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TSM represented an unaccompanied minor in 2015 who fled gang violence in Central America. The minor was consistently targeted and threatened by gang members because his religious views prevented him from joining the gangs and engaging in criminal activity. After years of threats, intimidation, and violent attacks, he fled his home country for the United States in search of safety and a better life. 

The result: TSM successfully terminated his deportation proceedings and won an affirmative asylum application based on religious persecution. A year later, TSM filed for an adjustment of status. Today this young man now has his green card. He is now pursuing the American Dream: working and going to school.


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