US Immigration:
Process Makes Perfect

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TSM took over representation of a company that had a failed PERM program. 

Our attorneys created a highly successful PERM program by automating recruitment, training technical recruiters in PERM regulations, putting the company on a cadence of recruitment so that batch and customs PERMs were filed with predictable results. 

As a result, recruiters were able to place candidates, HR had a process they could rely on, the US immigration service had the paperwork they required when they needed it, and foreign nationals were able to get the visas they needed.


Global Immigration:
When Time is of the Essence


A global executive had precisely three days to renew a U.S. passport, obtain a new visitor’s visa, and fly out again to Europe.

Success Story Detail_GlobalImmigration.jpg

The catch? The executive was flying into a mid-western state far from any passport agency or consulate. TSM attorneys and paralegals prepared the renewals, and Fedex-ed the required documents so that the executive could make his flight to Europe with the paperwork he required, without having to reschedule.

Even a Swiss watch cannot match TSM precision when it comes to planning for tight timelines.


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