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To compete in the global economy your business depends on your ability to recruit and retain the best and the brightest, wherever they may be found around the world. That’s where we come in. TSM US Business Immigration Services can streamline the visa process for foreign born talent.  We work with you to build fast, reliable immigration programs to help you build and sustain your workforce efficiently and predictably.


Work Related Visas


TSM Business Immigration Services focus on helping U.S. employers acquire the foreign national talent you need. Whether your employees are coming from abroad, transferring from one business location to another, or graduating from a U.S. university, TSM offers careful analysis and assessment of each application, allowing you to ultimately choose the best and most reliable visa category for a particular company or individual.

We evaluate the strength and weakness of each candidate and case, with an eye toward how the case will evolve as time goes on. To help employers build capacity, we develop an efficient procedure that streamlines information gathering and document processing so visas are handled as expeditiously as possible.


H-1B Visas for Specialty occupation workers

Foreign national workers, including university students, and those visiting a family member in the US who live in another country and need to work in the US can apply for an H-1B visa.


L-1A and L-1B Visas and Blanket L Petitions for Intra-company Transferees

The “intra-company” L-1A and L-1B is designed for companies with overseas operations that need to transfer their employees from an overseas entity to their qualifying organization in the US.



The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) TN visa applies to citizens of the US, Canada and Mexico. Professionals living in Mexico and Canada may apply for a work authorized nonimmigrant status called TN, provided they hold a bachelor’s degree or licenturia degree in an eligible category. 


E-3 Australian Professional Visas

The E-3 visa is appropriate for Australian nationals/citizens who have a US job offer that requires a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. The Australian applicant for the E-3 must possess the required degree or its equivalent or one in a related field. Much like the H-1B category, the E-3 visa application requires a certified Labor Condition Application attesting to the fact that US wages and working conditions are not being harmed. Unlike the H-1B, no petition is required for visa procurement and an application may be made directly at a US Embassy or Consulate abroad.


O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visas for Scientists, Researchers, Artists, Athletes and Others

The O-1 visa is designed for individuals with proven extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics or extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television productions who are coming to the US to work on a project or event in their area of expertise.


E-1 and E-2 Treaty Investor and Trader Visas

Individual foreign investors, foreign entities, (and in some cases, executive or supervisory employees of the investor or entity) may qualify for an E-2 visa provided they are nationals of countries that have signed bi-lateral trade treaties with the US, or make a qualifying investment of capital in the US.

E-1 Summary to come.


Citizenship and Naturalization

From application to oath of allegiance to the issuance of a passport, TSM provides expertise and specialized assistance in obtaining citizenship for our clients. We gather and prepare documents, file on your behalf, and conduct any appeals necessary.



Nonimmigrant Temporary Visas

Each year Congress sets the cap for Nonimmigrant Temporary (H1-B) work related visas. In 2018 the cap is 65,000 with an additional 20,000 set aside for a Master’s Exemption. All told approximately one in three applicants are awarded a visa in random lottery.

This year, between April 1 and April 7 we expect to file thousands of “Cap” cases. We file early on your behalf, and we file the right documentation. While we can’t guarantee the results of the lottery, we can make sure your application is properly situated to be chosen. 


Student Work Options

After you get your student visa, you can apply for a work authorization card. We can help with that. Students who have received optional training work cards often find them a valuable ramp into the immigration process.

Students who graduate from higher education have one year to exercise the knowledge they have gained with optional practical training, curricular practical training, or STEM practical training. STEM practical training can extend the work authoirization period for up to two years.


Q-1 Cultural Exchange Visa Work Options

Foreign nationals coming to the US to participate in an established international cultural exchange program for the purpose of providing practical training, employment, and the sharing of the history, culture and traditions of their country of nationality are invited to apply for a Q-1 Cultural Exchange visa. The Q-1 visa enables visitors to stay in the US for up to 15 months.


Spousal Work Accreditation for J2, H4, L2, or E-Dependent

The spouse of a visitor coming to work in the US under a J2, H4, L2, or E visa may work in the US provided they qualify for the appropriate spousal or partner visa.


B-1 Business Visitor Visas and the Visa Waiver Program

Individuals coming to the US for business meetings, training, and professional conferences may apply for a B-1 Visitor Visa. These visas are issued for limited periods of time, typically between 30 and 90 days, and up to six months.

The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) enables citizens of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for tourism or business for 90 days or less without obtaining a U.S. visa. 


Permanent Residency (Green Card)

The Permanent Residency Card, also known as the “Green Card” allows foreign nationals to work and live in the US permanently. Typically a worker applying for a Green Card must be sponsored, which means an organization such as an employer, files a petition on your behalf.  The most common employment –based method for obtaining a Green Card is through a three-step process which includes Labor Certification, Immigration Petition, and the Application for Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residency.


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